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Whether it’s digital, external, strategic, crisis or internal, high-quality communication is crucial to your charity’s success.

You tell me what’s important to you and your organisation and together we’ll tailor a communications project that can include:

  • Organisation-wide communications strategy

  • Content strategy

  • Digital presence audit

  • Stakeholder attitudes analysis

  • Communications calendar

  • Messaging, narratives and frames review

  • and more

Not sure what approaches are right for you? Explore some of the different approaches to communications here, and drop me a line below:

Strategy and values

Organisations without effective strategies and meaningful values to guide their decisions are at risk of sleepwalking into overstretch, ineffectiveness and dysfunction.

Whether you need a brand new five-year plan or a short-term refresher, we can work together to create and embed a strategy that maximises your impact and reach.

Strategy options include:

  • Creating overarching organisational strategies that guide operational, financial and communications plans

  • Mission, vision and values workshops

  • Stakeholder and audience research

  • Theory of change creation

  • Values selection and definition

  • and more

To discuss what’s right for your charity, get in touch:

Research and planning

Is there a specific challenge that you need to address but you don’t have the time to tackle it with your permanent staff?

Bringing in a third party to take on reviews or research tasks is a cost-efficient way of

Challenges I’ve tackled in the past include:

  • Reviews of specific member-facing services, investigating development or restructure opportunities

  • Establishing the best ways to launch and populate new volunteering or campaigning activities

  • Discovering the attitudes and expectations of stakeholders and audiences

As a former full-time staff member in one of the UK’s largest students’ unions, I’ve been involved in more reviews, working groups and projects than I can count.

I was lucky. I worked for a charity big enough to have its own marketing & communications team, and that could allocate hefty amounts of staff time and attention to three-year strategic cycles and extensive operational planning, without bringing in lots of external support.

Most students’ unions and social enterprises don’t have the financial firepower to hire marketing teams or take on permanent strategy and operations staff. But they need good strategy and clear communications just as much as any household-name charity.

That’s why I’ve become a freelance consultant for students’ unions and social enterprises: so they can benefit from strategies and communications plans, with someone who knows their unique organisations natively - without breaking the bank.