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What people say about me


What people say about me

Nice things that people have said about me, as social proof that I would be a good person to work with. Go on!

And yes, some of them were so nice that I teared up a little.



"He guided me to be independent"

"Andrew’s knowledge of the ins and outs of students’ unions is unparalleled. From supporting staff who are early in their career, to challenging officers to take on strategic approaches to campaigning.

"I worked with Andrew for 2 years, he gave me my first role post-officer helping me to take the passion and enthusiasm that I had and understand what it means to be a SU staff member. Our team saw big challenges and took them on and won, such as overhauling the student welfare system (and some archaic attitudes) at Imperial College - his strategic guidance meant we were looking to find the long-term causes, not just quick fixes.

"He guided me to be independent, to challenge the status quo and to always be student-focused.

"If I was to describe Andrew in three words I would say he is ‘brave, bold, and brilliant’"

Sky Yarlett

Senior Education & Engagement Officer, UK Parliament



"His work is designed to create tangible impact - and it shows"

Andrew is a fountain of expertise when it comes to growing the impact of Students’ Unions. I was able to see this first-hand while working as a sabbatical officer at Imperial College Union.

There, Andrew spear-headed a number of transformational strategies and communications reforms that helped to strengthen the Union’s brand, rediscover its ‘voice’ and what it stood for, and ensure sustainable growth of the organisation.

His focus on fixing problems at the root and developing strategies with ‘teeth’ (instead of lots of wish-wash & hot air) means that his work is designed to create tangible impact - and it shows.

Chun-Yin San

Policy Officer, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Government of Australia



"He's OK, I guess"

"Can see myself collaborating with him for a long time in future."

Dr Jassel Majevadia

Wife, 2018 onwards